Worth knowing

Interesting numbers, dates and facts about the State of Hessen, its citizens, economy, geography and many other issues:

The State
State’s surface  21,115 km²
Capital city Wiesbaden (277.000 Inhabitants)
Largest city Frankfurt am Main (680.000 Inhabitants)
Smallest city Schwarzenborn (1.107 Inhabitants)
Longest rivers Rhein, Main, Weser, Neckar, Werra, Lahn, Fulda, Eder
Largest lake Edersee (Dam Lake, 1180 ha)
Largest forest Hinterlandswald (21.863 ha)
Highest peak Wasserkuppe (950,2 m)
Warmest location Frankfurt am Main
Coldest location Usseln (Waldeckisches Upland), 6,2 degrees
In the heart of Europe Meerholz, Gelnhausen (Geographical Center of Europe)
Outermost border points

Bad Karlshafen (North), Wanfried (East), Neckarsteinach (South), Lorch (West)

Inhabitants 6.093.888 Inhabitants (31.12.2014)
Inhabitants per km² 289 Inhabitants/km²
Average Age 43,6 years
Marriages 4.5 Marriages per 1,000 Inhabitants
First marriage Average age at marriage: Men 33.2, Women 30.3
Births per woman 1,39 Children per Woman (2011)
Persons per household 2,06 (2014)

Every Hessian drinks 10 litres of Apfelwein per year

The Economy
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)  250,5 billion Euro (2014)
GDP per working person 71.843 Euro (2012)
Occupation 2.267.535 Employees within the scope of national insurance (31.12.2012)
Working hours Over 4.5 billion hours of working hours for all working persons
Number of pupils 623.866 Pupils
Students 238.221 Students 
Museums 411 Museums