Family Support and Childcare



Promoting family friendliness is a central task of the future. With a program promoting the establishment of family centers, Hessen supports institutions which help to develop a comprehensive, family-oriented infrastructure. The development and expansion of early assistance is one of the focal points of Hessian family policy.  The aim is to assist parents especially during pregnancy and the first three years of a child’s life.  A particularly popular proposal is the Hessian Family Card (Familienkarte Hessen) which offers a number of privileges and benefits in different areas.

The expansion of childcare plays an important role in improving the balance between family and professional life.  A large number of places available in child care centers, day care and demand-oriented care form an important component in facilitating greater compatibility of job and family.

Ideally, every child in Hessen should be supported as early as possible.  On the basis of the latest research results, Hessen was the first of the Federal States to develop a combined education and development program for children aged 0 to 10 years and to more efficiently integrate nursery and primary school. Since 2008, this program has been implemented in child day care centers, primary schools and other learning centers.