Sustainable Development and International Cooperation


Wasserball mit Globus-Motiv auf einer Wasseroberfläche treibend

Under the slogan “Sustainability in Hessen – Training and Action for our Future” we developed a sustainability strategy for Hessen that involved all social groups. The aim is to secure a long-term perspective for the State of Hessen and to build a future characterized by a strong economic performance, respect and protection of our natural environment and social justice.

With the help of the Umweltallianz Hessen (Environmental Alliance Hessen), our partnership between Hessian business circles and key umbrella community organizations that promote sustainable regional economic policies, we are improving the general conditions for Hessen as a business location. Within the scope of its power, Hessen has taken on responsibility on an international level. It is one of the pacesetters when it comes to familiarizing new EU member states with EU environmental standards. Hessian environmental experts are in demand around the world, e.g. for projects promoted under the auspices of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). Consequently, there are also opportunities to export Hessian environmental technologies.


Forests and Forestry in Hessen (PDF)