Delegation trips

The autonomous region of Kurdistan/Iraq is constitutionally recognised and the only region in Iraq whose security situation can be considered stable. At the end of 2007, the Ministry for Environment in Hessen responded to the wish of representatives of the regions to strengthen relations.

A joint declaration on the cooperation for environmental protection was signed in 2008. The intensification of economic cooperation and the transfer of environmental technology play a particularly important role. The Kurds have confidence in German technology and new interesting markets can be opened up for Hessian technology providers. Several trainings for Kurdish experts and study trips for expert delegates from Kurdistan were carried out in Hessen. Several Hessian experts have advised the Kurdish environmental administration in Erbil and Duhok. Some of the measures were jointly carried out with the GIZ International Services, which established contacts with the region on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office.

Environmental protection has currently become a focal topic in Germany’s development cooperation with China. The issue has been discussed several times with senior representatives of Chinese environmental authorities. In a project, which also concerns the partner region Jiangxi, experts from the HMUKLV contributed with technical expertise during study trips in Germany and China.

During a delegation trip to the Indian state of West Bengal contacts were established in the areas of fair trade, biodiversity and renewable energy. The Indian representatives welcome the continuation of contact and potential joint projects. Meanwhile, a professional exchange on the subject of biogas plants has taken place.

Following a delegation visit in spring 2013, Kazachstan is keen to strengthen cooperation. In cooperation with Hessen trade & invest, a very well-attended expert event for Hessian companies was held on July 2013 in Wiesbaden together with the Consulate General Frankfurt and with the participation of the Embassy, the Ministry of Industry and the EXPO 2017 company from Kazachstan. Both the Ministry of Industry and the EXPO company have requested a continued cooperation and technical discussions in Kazachstan.

International events

The Hessian ministry for environment, climate protection, agriculture and consumer protection in collaboration with the GIZ, the Rhine-Main chamber of handicrafts and the Sustainable Timber Coalition organised on the 9th December 2014 a symposium on the use of certified tropical timber and the protection of the rainforest through sustainable use. The conservation of tropical forests is of central importance to the entire humanity. The EU Wood Trade regulation regulates the import of wood products into Europe and imposes special due diligence and information obligations on the market participants. However, in Germany there are uncertainties about credible guarantees of origin and certificates assuring legality and sustainability requirements. Due to this uncertainty, there is fear that the demand for sustainably produced timber from emerging and developing countries will decline, which will reduce the motivation to conserve tropical forests. The aim of the symposium was to initiate a dialogue among those responsible in administration and industry on how purchasing and procurement practices can make a measurable contribution to global climate protection and forest conservation.

Reception of international delegations

The Ministry regularly receives delegations from all over the world. This work primarily serves the exchange of information and strengthening of international relations while respecting different customs and traditions.
Department I 1 organises these visits depending on the availability of the experts and the environmental topics requested by the visitors. The arranged meetings primarily cover selected questions by the delegations on specific environmental topics. Recent visits from economic, political and authority representatives from Seoul (South Korea), Shanghai, Guizhou and Beijing (China), Wielkopolska (Poland), Mongolia, Georgia, Moldova and Chile took place at the ministry. These groups were interested in getting to know the various tasks performed in the department.