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Grape-vine in Hessen

This includes the protection of water, ground, air and climate as well as constant monitoring of air, water and ground quality and the dissemination of this information. A wide range of measured values, such as current air measurements and water levels are available here (in German).

The Hessian implementation of the European Water Framework Directive strengthens the protection of waters. It integrates all citizens and helps to improve the quality of all bodies of water.

In the sewage system, waste water from businesses or industrial plants and households mixes with the rainfall which may negatively impact the water quality in rivers or lakes. The aim is to protect ground and water courses from such harmful contamination by means of drainage techniques and treatment of this waste water, allowing its use and the protection of all human, animal and plant communities living in this area from negative impacts.

The flood protection sector does not only comprise flood prevention but also the monitoring of frequently-affected areas, flood information and warning services and technical protection with levee restoration programs. It is also responsible for dams, river regulation and water retention basins.

Even though nature may threaten people with floods, only an environmental remediation of river areas, in harmony with and respecting their natural state, will be able to counter the danger of floods.

The socio-political task of ground protection is to maintain, restore and sustainably ensure the economic usability and ecologic performance of the ground. The remediation of contaminated sites helps to improve ground, water and air and is of great importance. With the Hessian Climate Protection Concept, Hessen advocates a considerable reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions.  Joint initiatives by municipalities and associations as well as by private businesses receive funding, since the Hessian government considers preventive climate protection as a joint effort. This is why it is necessary to integrate these efforts in a sustainable and efficient international climate protection strategy.