Environment & Nature
Grape-vine in Hessen
Quality of life
Hessen wants to offer its citizens and visitors the greatest quality of life.
Luchs auf einem Baumast liegend
Nature Conservation & Biodiversity
Hiking and playing in Hessen’s nature is one of the most popular leisure activities of young and old. Everybody is free to enter nature and the countryside unless it is explicitly forbidden.
Mehrere Männer montieren Solarzellen auf einem schrägen Dach
Energy Policy
Future-oriented energy provision and global climate change management are key challenges of the 21st century.
Two people cycling in the hessian forest
Forest & Nature
895,000 hectares (2.211 acres) of Hessen’s terrain, i.e. 42 percent, is covered in forest. 40 percent of Hessen’s forests are state-owned. 35 percent of the forested areas are distributed across 418 municipalities or cities.
Wasserball mit Globus-Motiv auf einer Wasseroberfläche treibend
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
The slogan “Sustainability in Hessen – Training and Action for our Future” describes the sustainability strategy for Hessen that involves all social groups.