European Flaggs
Hessen and Europe
Hessen is located in the very heart of the European Union. Numerous European institutions and organisations, including the European Central Bank, are headquartered in Hessen. Promoting European integration forms an integral part of Hessen’s European politics.
Delegational visit of the partner region Emilia Romagna
Partner regions
The State of Hessen maintains intensive contacts with its partner regions. The goal of partnerships is to give regional interests greater weight on the European level and to better familiarize people living in the partner regions with one another.
Vitruvian Man
Higher Education and Research
Hessen’s institutions of higher education provide first-class research and teaching.
Wind wheel
Energy Policy
Future-oriented energy provision and global climate change management are key challenges of the 21st century.
Family Support and Childcare
Promoting family friendliness is a central task of the future. With a program promoting the establishment of family centers, Hessen supports institutions which help to develop a comprehensive, family-oriented infrastructure.
A crowd of people
Working in Hessen
Hessen is an economically strong state with a low unemployment rate. Even though Hessen offers great job opportunities, there are people who have been unable to enter the labor market for different reasons.
At the doctor's
Hessen as a healthcare location
Currently, Hessen offers good medical care. Every year, the Hessian State Government invests large sums in construction projects which upgrade Hessen’s hospitals to modern institutes offering optimal medical care.
Picture of a Familie
One in every eight people in Hessen has a foreign passport, while one in four has a migrant background. Integration is not a specialized subject, but rather one that will determine Hessen’s sustainability.
Hunsrück - A flock of sheep
Environment & Nature
Hessen assumes responsibility for environmental protection and nature conservation. Protecting the environment and natural resources is one of the key goals of our state and environmental policies.
A statue of Justicia
A strong justice system is of the outmost importance for our community. Its responsibilities span the courts of ordinary jurisdiction, administrative tribunals, labor courts, social courts, the financial court as well as the public prosecutor’s offices and the penal institutions. Legal advice is principally provided by licensed lawyers.