Hessian Ministry of Justice


The Hessian Ministry of Justice

As the highest-ranking administrative authority, the Hessian Ministry of Justice has professional supervision over the courts and legal authorities. Judicial independence is guaranteed by the constitution. Therefore, the Ministry is not authorized to issue any professional instruction or to review judicial decisions. Head of the department is the Hessian Minister of Justice who is politically responsible for this area, while the Deputy Secretary is in charge of managing the Ministry.

The Ministry’s tasks include all issues relating to the human resources, budget and construction of the Hessian justice institutions, education and further training of employees, organizational principles and the modernization of the Judicial System and Law Students’ Examination Authority (JPA). In addition, the Ministry participates in bills at State and Federal level.

There are currently 350 employees working at the Ministry. Organizationally, it is divided into the Minister’s Office, five departments and the Law Students’ Examination Authority. The different departments consist of several specialized units each.