Hessian Ministry of Finance


Hessian Ministry of Finance

The Hessian Ministry of Finance is headed by the Hessian Minister of Finance, Minister of State Michael Boddenberg. Deputy Secretary, Dr. Martin J. Worms, assists him in his work.

In an effort to consolidate the State budget, we are focusing energies, saving resources and securing growth. This involves strict control of expenditure, while investing in family, education, security and infrastructure. We assume our responsibility for future generations and consequently try to avoid any unwarranted financial burdens. Transparency is important for us: This is why the State of Hessen has presented a detailed annual report since 2009.  It documents the state finances through continuous cost and activity accounting and provides information on the State’s financial situation and assets.

One of our main tasks is the efficient and consistent application of the tax laws for all citizens, securing tax revenues and the consistent fight against tax and white-collar crime.

The financial center Frankfurt is Hessen’s gateway to Europe’s largest economy and a location of international relevance in terms of monetary and foreign exchange policy. Our Frankfurt Financial Center Service Point provides advice to all market participants in the financial center and is meant to further strengthen the economic center on the Main river.

Responsible planning of the State budget and management of the administration are part of our core competence. The ministry is also in charge of the financial equalization scheme between the Federal and State governments as well as between the State, its communities and the association of local authorities. Our department is also responsible for granting financial assistance, state and other guarantees, as well as the management of state investments and state lotteries.